Mbira dzeMuninga is a four-piece ensemble that plays traditional mbira music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. You may Jacobremember all four of them from their last US tour with Mawungira Enharira (www.mawungira.com). Gwenyambiras Jacob Mafuleni, Micah Munhemo, Tonderai Ndava and Peacheson Ngoshi are known as gwenyambiras (master mbira players) in their country, to recognize their roles in traditional spiritual ceremonies of the Shona people. These performances have rekindled an interest in traditional music among young urban Zimbabwean more accustomed to Western forms of popular music.





Mbira DzeMuninga will be touring the United States from May 5, 2009 through August 25, 2009. The tour will include various western US cities including Langley, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Santa Cruz, Boulder, Albuquerque, Felton, Oakland, Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, Sebastapol,  Santa Fe, and Shawnigan Lake, BC. See the Itinerary page for details


The group’s mission is to show that despite tough conditions that have seen their political and economic climate deteriorate over the last decade, the people of Zimbabwe remain hopeful for a better day. Their music is an expression of joy rooted in the Shona culture of Zimbabwe. Tonderai


The tour is sponsored by Matanho Project, a Wash.-based nonprofit organization.  Matanho Project is dedicated to improving the lives of Zimbabwean musicians and their communities. This is the second tour of Zimbabwean musicians facilitated by Matanho Project, following the 2008 tour of Mawungira PeachesonEnharira.

Mbira dzeMuninga is available for performances:  house concerts, nightclubs, or formal concerts.  Also, individual, group or school instruction on mbira, marimba, drum, hosho, dance, singing, mbira orchestra and mbira making.

Rubatano neMuninga CD Release Concert
July 18

Summer Day Camp
at Rubatano Center
Whidbey Island

July 27 - 31

Play Marimba!
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